College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Environmental Science & Technology


University of Maryland, Department of Environmental Science and Technology
Frank Coale, nutrient management
Gary Felton, biological engineering
Reginal Harrell, aquaculture
Patrick Kangas, algal biology, production and technology
Stephanie Lansing, anaerobic digestion, biofuels
David Tilley, energy accounting

Wye Research and Education Center
Daniel Fisher, water quality
Lance Yonkos, water quality

Horn Point Laboratory, Center for Environmental Science
Raliegh Hood, biological oceanography

Biology Department
Charles Delwiche, algal biology

Institute of Marine & Environmental Technology
Feng Chen, algal biology
Russell Hill, biofilms
Alan Place, algal biology, water quality

Sea Grant Extension Programs
Daniel Terilizzi, algal biology, water quality

School of Business
Dan Goodman, biofuels, entrepreneurship

University of Arkansas
Robert Beitle, biofuels
Jamie Hestekin, biofuels

University of Buffalo
David Blersch, biological engineering

College of William and Mary
William Cooke, algal technology
Robert Hinkle, algal chemistry and technology
Karl Kuschner, algal technology
Gene Tracy, algal technology

Goucher College
Birthe Kjellerup, biofilms

Western Michigan University
John Miller, biofuels, nutricuticals

Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Walter Mulbry, algal production and technology

Chesapeake Research Consortium
Kevin Sellner, algal biology, water quality

National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
Walter Adey, algal biology, production and technology
Dean Calahan, algal turf scrubbers

Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Emmett Duffy, algal biology, water quality, herbivory
Elizabeth Canuel, algal biology and chemistry, biofuels
Michael Unger, water quality

Blackrock Algae, Inc.
Jay Diedzic, biofuels, entrepreneurship

Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc.
Leyla Lange, algal technology
Russell Ruffing, algal technology

Biohabitats, Inc.
Peter May, algal technology, water quality
Christopher Streb, biological engineering

Ecosystem Solutions, Inc.
Wesley Johnson, biofilms

Living Ecosystems, Inc.
Timothy Goertemiller, algal biology, production and technology

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