College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Environmental Science & Technology

Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory

The 3,000-ft2 facility is a full service ecotoxicology laboratory with light cycle and temperature control. It contains isolated rooms for performing bioassays and culturing test animals and a 575-ft2 water quality laboratory with fume hood, UV hood, etc. An environmental chamber (150-ft2) and numerous incubators for bioassays at different temperatures are contained in the lab.

An automatic transfer generator supplies back-up emergency power to the laboratory, including the water and air supply systems, in the event of power failure. The lab is supplied with a non-chlorinated freshwater supply and a saltwater system providing filtered and raw water for marine and estuarine studies and contains diluters and water-baths capable of satisfying exposure requirements of flow-through and static acute, chronic, and sub-lethal aquatic bioassays.

All equipment necessary for performing soil and sediment bioassays are available along with a reverse osmosis and deionization water purification system, large capacity autoclave, refrigerated centrifuge, and high-speed centrifuge.

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