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Concentration in Natural Resources Management

The Natural Resources Management Program is designed to teach students concepts of the environmentally sound use and management of natural resources. Ecosystems and human societies are linked in complex cycles and relationships between vegetation and wildlife, forests and cities, conservation and development. By learning to participate effectively within these cycles, we will help sustain a harmonious relationship between the environment and human activities.


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TOTAL CREDITS REQUIRED FOR THE B.S., including the CORE General Education Program = 120 credits, including: 69-71 required major credits; 12 Resource Management and Science elective credits; 7-9 free elective credits; and 30 credits for CORE (including Introduction to Writing (3), Professional Writing (3), Humanities and Arts (9), Social Sciences and History (9), and Human Cultural Diversity (3). CORE Sciences and Mathematics (9) are satisfied by major required courses. CORE Advanced Studies are satisfied by ENST 471 Capstone Practicum (4) and a non-ENST 300- or 400-level course (3)).


This concentration provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to work in such positions as wildlife biologists, environmental consultants, wetland scientists, forest managers, fisheries biologists, aquatic biologists, and nature interpreters.


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