College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Environmental Science & Technology

Opportunities and Challenges in Anaerobic Digestion

Maryland and the Northeast US Experience

Workshop Topics

•Anaerobic Digestion: Where We Are Today
•Digester Systems in the Northeast–Successful Case Studies
•Federal Biogas Policy
•MD State Biogas Policy
•Use of Biogas: Scrubbing, RNG, GenSets, and Use of Excess Heat
•Food Waste and Co-Substrates; landfill diversion
•Chesapeake Bay and Nutrient Management Relationship to Digestion
•Financial Reality of Digesters and National Programs
•Opportunities for Growth and Incentives in Northeast/Mid-Atlantic
•Wastewater Treatment Plant Digesters
•Antibiotic Resistance and Effect of Dairy Manure Treatment Technologies

Take away supplementary materials:

Farmer's Guide to Biogas (.pdf)
Final Agenda (.pdf)
Speaker Contact List (.pdf)

Fact Sheets

H2S in Biogas


Antibiotic Restiance

Maryland H2S Case Studies

New York Digester Case Studies


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