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Mid-Atlantic Better Composting School (MA-BCS)

When: Monday, September 26 to Friday, September 24-28, 2018
Where: Beltsville, MD
Address: United States
Event Type: Special Event
The goal of the short course is to train operators of commercial and large-scale compost facilities in the science of composting. The material is geared to composting plant operators, managers, and other interested persons.
There are hands-on exercises for building compost piles by a recipe, determining bulk density, measuring oxygen and temperature, and evaluating compost quality with simple laboratory procedures.
The major topics covered are:
  • Science of Composting
  • Processes and Equipment
  • Site Selection
  • Feed Stocks and Mixes
  • Composting Mortalities
  • Processes and Odor Control
  • Computer-Aided Recipe Making
  • Tour of 4-5 Commercial Composting Facilities
  • Health and Safety Issues
  • Compost Quality and Standards
  • Laboratory Procedures for Compost Quality
  • Compost Utilization
  • Marketing and Economics
The instructior are: Dr. Gary K. Felton (U of MD), Dr. Greg Evanylo (VA Tech), Craig Coker (Coker Composting and Consulting), Dr. Patricia Millner (USDA), Lonnie Heflin (Maryland Environmental Services), and Lyndell Pate (Ecoverse Industries, Charlotte, North Carolina).
To register, download the MA-BCS flyer (.pdf)
Cancellation Policy: Cancellation notices must be made in writing. E-mail Tina Scites to cancel. Refunds of full fee, less $35 of deposits we cannot recover, will be made only if notice of cancellation is received by September 21, 2016. No refund will be granted after September 21, 2016. Please call Tina Scites at 301-405-1198 to confirm receipt of cancellation. 
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