College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Environmental Science & Technology

The Graduate Association for Technology & Environmental Science

The Graduate Association for Technology and Environmental Science (GATES) is an organization for graduate students advised by ENST faculty, dedicated to the advancement of agricultural, ecological, environmental, and food sciences, biotechnology, and biomedical engineering.

What Does GATES Do?

  • Provides a network for introducing new graduate students to the Department of Environmental Science and Technology;
  • Provides a forum for communication among graduate students and between ENST graduate students, faculty, and staff; 
  • Promotes the high ideals of the engineering and environmental professions; 
  • Plans various social, cultural, and professional events to encourage the development and support of graduate students in Environmental Science and Technology.
GATES Officers:
President: Barret Wessel
Vice President: Leo Notto
Secretary-Treasurer: Rahat Sharif
Faculty Representative: Alex MacLeod
Social Coordinator: Emily Keener (
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