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Ecological Technology Design

The specialization in Ecological Technology Design prepares students to integrate natural systems with the built environment to solve environmental problems while achieving economic, ecological and social sustainability. The science and application of using natural systems, processes and organisms to address environmental issues has evolved during the last few decades to a mature level whereby there are strong employment opportunities for graduates that are educated jointly in ecology and technology.

Ecological Technology Design Faculty

Dr. Andy Baldwin

Andrew Baldwin, Professor
Plant Ecology of Natural, Restored, and Treatment Wetlands, Ecological Engineering

gerry Gary Felton, Associate Professor
Extension Water Quality Specialist
Reginal Harrell Reginal M. Harrell, Professor
Environmental and Biological Ethics, Physiological Genetics, Stress in Animals, Aquaculture and Phytoremediation, Restoration Ecology
kangas Pat Kangas, Associate Professor
Ecological Design, Ecological Engineering, Tropical Ecology and Sustainability
Stephany Stephanie Lansing, Assistant Professor
Renewable Energy and Ecological Waste Treatment
Negahban-Azar Masoud Negahban-Azar, Assistant Professor
Urban Water Resource Management, Graywater and Wastewater Recycling, Natural Treatment Systems, Water-Energy-Food Nexus
Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman, Assistant Professor
Urban Ecosystem Ecology, Ecosystem Services, Social-Ecological Systems, Soil Ecology
ross David Ross, Professor
Extension Horticultural Engineering, Water and Nutrient Management, Greenhouse Environment
tilley David Tilley, Associate Professor
Ecological Engineering, Wetland Health Assessment, Energy-based Environmental Accounting


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