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Ecosystem Health & Natural Resource Management

The specialization in Ecosystem Health and Natural Resource Management (EHNRM) examines the complex interactions between ecosystem functioning, ecological health, and sustainability from a primarily ecological context.

This program recognizes the shared need within Environmental Science and Human Health communities for an improved understanding of how environmental factors and ecosystem functions affect ecological communities. Integrity of these communities is critical to the continued availability of natural resources and ecosystem services on which we depend. Comprehension of how human activities affect ecosystem functioning allows development of effective “knowledge-based” policy and management tools to mitigate environmental decline and promote sustainable growth and development. 

Ecosystem Health & Natural Resource Management Faculty

Dr. Brian Needelman William Bowerman, Professor and Department Chair
Bald Eagle Ecology, Environmental Pollutants
Dr. Brian Needelman Daniel Fisher, Senior Research Scientist
Aquatic Toxicology
Dr. Brian Needelman Reginal Harrell, Professor
Environmental and Biological Ethics, Physiological Genetics, Stress in Animals, Aquaculture and Phytoremediation, Restoration Ecology
Michael Kearney, Professor
Coastal Environments and Oceanography
Dr. Brian Needelman Paul Leisnham, Assistant Professor
Mosquito Ecology, Global Environmental Change Biology, Human and Ecosystem Health
Dr. Brian Needelman Jennifer L. Murrow, Assistant Professor
Habitat and Demographic Analysis of Wildlife
Dr. Wendy Ann Peer Wendy Ann Peer, Assistant Professor
Dr. Brian Needelman Bob Tjaden, Professor
Environmental and Natural Resource Management and Policy
Dr. Brian Needelman Lance Yonkos, Assistant Professor

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