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Soil and Watershed Sciences

The specialization in Soil and Watershed Sciences graduate program prepares students to address challenging environmental issues that involve the soil resource at field, landscape and watershed scales.

Soils are the most complex and ecologically significant biogeochemical systems on Earth. Soil processes and the soil resource are critical to all terrestrial ecosystems from prairies to the Alaskan tundra, to wetlands, to our cities, to forests to biofuel farms. Soil Science is at the center of the study of what the National Science Foundation terms the Critical Zone - the confluence of atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere near the surface of the Earth.

Soil Science Faculty

frank Frank Coale, Professor
Agricultural Nutrient Management, Soil Fertility, Agroecology
felton Gary Felton, Associate Professor
Extension Water Quality Specialist
bob Bob Hill, Professor
Soil Physics, Soil & Water Management
Bruce Bruce James, Professor
Soil Chemistry and Affiliate in Geology
Director, Environmental Science and Policy Program. Director, Environmental Studies Program of College Park Scholars
Dr. Brian Needelman Brian Needelman, Assistant Professor
Soil Science (Pedology), Water Quality, Carbon Sequestration
Dr. Brian Needelman Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman, Assistant Professor
Urban Ecosystem Ecology, Ecosystem Services, Social-Ecological Systems, Soil Ecology
Dr. Wendy Ann Peer Wendy Ann Peer, Assistant Professor
Dr. Martin Rabenhorst Martin Rabenhorst, Professor
Pedology, Soils of Wetland Ecosystems, Subaqueous Soils
weill Ray Weil, Professor
Soil Science, Nutrient Cycling, Sustainable Agriculture Systems
Yarwood Stephanie Yarwood, Assistant Professor
Environmental Microbiology


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