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The specialization in Wetland Science addresses the keen awareness among the Environmental community that wetlands represent a critical and understudied component of many larger ecosystems. Hydrophytic vegetation, hydric soils and wetland hydrology all contribute to make wetlands the significant and highly complex ecosystems that they are.

In addition to the more obvious recreational and aesthetic contributions of wetlands, they provide fish and wildlife habitat, protect and enhance water quality through biogeochemical processes, increase flood protection through flood water storage mechanisms, and afford protection against shoreline erosion. Wetlands have rapidly gained public attention over the last two decades as they have been brought into the limelight by state and federal regulations and through the attention given such large scale environmental issues as hurricane Katrina.

Wetland Science Faculty


Andrew Baldwin, Professor
Plant Ecology of Natural, Restored, and Treatment Wetlands, Ecological Engineering

Harrell Reginal M. Harrell, Professor
Environmental and Biological Ethics, Physiological Genetics, Stress in Animals, Aquaculture and Phytoremediation, Restoration Ecology
kangas Patrick Kangas, Associate Professor
Ecological Design, Ecological Engineering, Tropical Ecology and Sustainability
Michael Kearney, Professor
Coastal Environments and Oceanography
 Bahram Momen Bahram Momen, Associate Professor
Ecosystem Ecology, BioStatistics
Dr. Brian Needelman Brian Needelman, Associate Professor
Soil Science (Pedology), Water Quality, Carbon Sequestration
Dr. Wendy Ann Peer Wendy Ann Peer, Assistant Professor
marty Martin Rabenhorst, Professor
Pedology, Soils of Wetland Ecosystems, Subaqueous Soils
tilley David Tilley, Associate Professor
Ecological Engineering, Wetland Health Assessment, Energy-based Environmental Accounting

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