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M.S. Degree Requirements

Graduate School Requirements

To earn an M.S. degree, the University of Maryland Graduate School requires that a student complete a minimum of 24 semester credit hours of graduate level classes (400 level or above) beyond the B.S. degree. Of the 24 hours of required graduate courses, at least 12 must be earned in a major area and a minimum of 12 must be 600 level or above. In addition, six credit hours of thesis research (799) are required.

ENST Departmental Core Requirements

All ENST M.S. students are required to complete the following:

1) ENST 602 - Research Principles and Methodology in Environmental Science and Technology (3 credits)

2) ENST 702 - Communication and Professional Development in Environmental Science and Technology (2 credits)

3) ENST 798 Graduate Seminar (2 semesters – total of 2 credits)

4) One graduate level statistics course 

The graduate level statistics course must be selected from this list of approved courses: BIOM 601 Biostatistics I (4); BIOM 602 Biostatistics II (4); BIOM 603 Biostatistics III (4); BIOM 621 Applied Multivariate Statistics (3); GEOG606 Quantitative Spatial Analysis (3). 

Specialization Requirements

Each of the three ENST specializations requires 12 to 18 credits of specific courses focused within the focus area:

Download M.S Degree Summary of Requirements (.pdf) 

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