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Equipment Trials

We have been trying out several types of equipment to facilitate no-till planting of early vegetables.

You can view several video clips below that show the planters in action planting spinach into a dead forage radish cover crop.

No till planters such as the Monosem® are very effective even with small seeded vegetables such as spinach, kohlrabi and lettuce.

Monosem notill spinach in dead radish 3.13.13.AVI.

Monosem NT planting spinach in dead radish 3.13.13.AVI


For smaller operations such as market gardens, we are experimenting with a heavy duty, simple but effective Notill manual push planter made by Indústria Mecănica Knapik, LTDA. of Porto Uniăo, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

This Brazilian planter uses a very simple, easy to repair mechanism to singulate seeds and comes with simple adapters for all seed sizes.

The Knapik planter has a double disc opener seems heavy enough to cut through some surface residue and clods. It has heavy solid steel press wheels to close the seed furrow.

Notill push planter simple seed singulation.AVI.

NoTill push disk opener & press wheel.AVI.

Notill push planter opener & pre...dead radish.AVI.    

Notil push planter opener & press wheel action.AVI.

Notill push planting in dead radish.AVI. 

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