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Career Night - Every fall, RESTORE hosts 5-10 ENST alumni back to campus to discuss their career paths by "speed-dating" with current ENST undergraduates. This is a great way for undergrads to learn what alumni are doing with their degrees and make connections to possible employers or internships!
Stream Clean-Up - RESTORE has partnered with other organizations in the past such as MaryPIRG to help clean up Paint Branch, a stream that runs through campus. We spend a weekend morning picking up trash from around the stream to help beautify our campus.
Green Wall Maintenance - The Animal Science building is home to UMD's one and only green wall, built by an ENST graduate student! In 2014, RESTORE members got an exclusive tour of the wall and how it works. Afterwards, we helped weed and prepare the wall for spring.
Exam Survival Kits - During finals week, RESTORE hands out "finals survival kits" to a few lucky ENST classes. Each bag includes important provisions for surviving finals studying, such as Emergen-C, pens, pencils, and chocolate!
Movie Nights - RESTORE holds movie nights where members get together to watch and discuss a movie pertaining to an environmental issue. Past screenings have included Wall-E (a Disney classic with a message about the dangers of consumerism), Tapped (a documentary on the bottled water industry), and The Dark Side of Chocolate (a documentary about child laborers in the cocoa industry).
Bags 4 Bagels - students bring in their extra plastic bags and in return receive a bagel! The inaugural RESTORE Bags 4 Bagels event in Spring 2013 over 500 bags!
Resumes & Rigatoni - RESTORE holds a resume workshop to help ENST students improve their resumes. It’s a great way to prepare for internship deadlines!
Concentration Workshop - A source of anxiety for ENST undergraduates is often which concentration to declare in the major. In this workshop, a panel of students from each concentration will share their unique experiences in their focus area.
Ag Day - Join the 80 year tradition which grew into MD Day and learn that the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources isn’t just about farming. ENST senior undergraduate capstone projects are on display as well as participation from all of the clubs in the Agricultural Student Council. RESTORE sells cotton candy to fundraise and share information about the major. The event is free and family friendly! It is held the last Saturday of April every year in the Animal Sciences Courtyard.
Tar Creek Film: Tar Creek used to be one of the largest lead and zinc mines on the planet. Now Northeastern Oklahoma is a Superfund site with acid mine water in the creeks, stratospheric lead poisoning in the children, and sinkholes that melt the heartland right out from under American backyards and ball fields. GATES, The American Indian Student Union, the ENST Department, and RESTORE chipped in to bring a screening of the Tar Creek documentary on Nov. 16, 2010 in Hoff Theater. The director, Matt Myers, introduced the film and stayed for questions after the screening.
Discover Study Abroad: This event is for students exploring options to expand their education outside of Maryland’s campus. Current ENST undergraduates gave presentations about their experiences abroad and provided traveling tips and recommendations for students hoping to study abroad. 
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