College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
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RESTORE helps provide opportunities for students to volunteer in the greater DC metro area. This is a great way for ENST students to network and get real-life experience.

Green Festival - Sept 21-22, 2013
Chesapeake Bay Foundation - Volunteer opportunities year-round, such as the reef ball construction in fall 2012.
Casey Trees - Opportunities for tree plantings and forestry training.
Mid-Atlantic Climbers - “Adopt a Crag” events for trail maintenance.
Gulf Relief: RESTORE donated $300 to a group of graduate students who volunteered to help with the 2010 oil crisis in the Gulf. Students conducted research and contributed to clean up efforts.
Haiti Donation: Dr. Stephanie Lansing, an assistant professor in the ENST department, and three ENST graduate students have been working in Cange, Haiti to design an anaerobic digestion waste treatment system that will utilize local wastewater resources to produce renewable energy for a rual hospital complex. In 2011 RESTORE proudly donated society t-shirts to the underprivileged children at the hospital.  
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