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Dr. Hassanein attends "Egypt Can" Conference

Dr. Amro Hassanein (a postdoctoral associate in the Environmental Sciences and Technology (ENST) Department) received an invitation from the Egyptian Minister of Immigration and Egyptians Affairs Abroad, Minister Nabila Makram, to participate in the “Egypt Can” conference that took place in Luxor, Egypt, between 24 to 27 February this year. Twenty three scientists from abroad were invited to discuss and develop a strategy for Egypt's future in water, sustainable development, and energy under the auspices of the President of Egypt. The conference was attended by several Egyptian ministers including the Prime Minister of Egypt, the Minister of Higher Education, the Minister of Environment, the Minister of Irrigation, the Minister of Agriculture, and the Minister of Military Production.
The conference was a great opportunity to meet with Egyptian scientists distinguished by scientific excellence. During the conference, Dr. Hassanein presented his ENST post-doc research experience with Dr. Stephanie Lansing’s lab group and on his research experience in China. Dr. Hassanein was also invited to meet with several ministers in person to discuss several future ideas and plans for recycling agricultural waste and producing renewable energy to solve some environmental problems, as well as to open direct channels of communication with some of the ministers including the Minister of Environment, the Minister of Agriculture, and the Minister of Industry. Dr. Hassanein was invited to several live and pre-recorded TV interviews to discuss the presented ideas to the community.
At the end of the conference, Dr. Hassanein was honored with two awards by Minister Nabila Makram, the Minister of Immigration and Egyptians Affairs Abroad. The first award was presented to Dr. Hassanein for being the youngest scientist in the conference, and the second for his active participation in the conference.

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