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2016 Graduates
Kirsten HarbomMSLance Yonkos
Sharon Hartzell
Christine Prasse
Kendall Lyn Simon
Andrea Yarberry
Dorothea Lundberg

2015 Graduates

Ashley J. BellePhDStephanie LansingCoupling Anaerobic Digestion Technology And Forage Radish Cover Cropping To Optimize Methane Production Of Dairy Manure-Based Digestion
Holly BowenMSStephanie LansingThe Distribution And Function Of Denitrification Genes: Exploring Agricultural Management And Soil Chemical Implications
Glade DlottMSStephanie Yarwood

Back to Earth: Molecular Approaches to Microbial Ecology Must Consider Soil Morphology and Physicochemical Properties

Nicole FiorellinoPhDJoshua McGrath

Evaluation of accuracy and sensitivity of the University of Maryland Phosphorus Management Tool and investigation of subsurface phosphorus dynamics in the Maryland Coastal Plains region

Eliza McFarlandPhDAndrew Baldwin

Assessing Wetland Restoration on the Delmarva Peninsula using Vegetation Characteristics

Ben PrinceMSPatrick Kangas
Lela StanleyMSPatrick Kangas

Design and Performance of a Wetland-Inspired Green Bulkhead and a Grassland-Inspired Green Wall

Brent WestMSWilliam Bowerman

Estimating Population Trends in American Woodcock (Scolopax Minor) Using Population Reconstruction Models

Kathryn WhitePhDFrank Coale
2014 Graduates
Saptashati (Tanya) BiswasPhDJoshua McGrathQuantification of Ionophore Antimicrobials Associated with Poultry Litter and Their Dynamics in the Soils of the Mid-Atlantic USA
Ryan BlausteinMSBob HillRelease and Runoff/Infiltration Removal of Escherichia Coli, Enterococci, and Total Coliforms from Land-Applied Dairy Cattle Manure
Daneille BodnerMSPaul LeisnhamThe Effectiveness of Resident-Based Mosquito Control Through Changes in Knowledge and Behavior Along a Socioeconomic Gradient
Loretta CollinsMSGary FeltonImpact of Surface Application of Flue Gas Desulfurization Gypusum on Infiltration, Phophorus Behavior, and Total Sulfur in a Previously Manured Coastal Plain Soil
Kristin FisherPhDBruce JamesUrea Hydrolysis in Soil Profile Toposequences: Mechanisms Relevant to Nitrogen Transport and Water Quality
David HamrumMSBob HillThe Effects of Drainage Ditch Filter Composition on Hydraulic Properties and P Sorption
William HausMSReginal HarrellAdvancing Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management: Biological Reference Points for Nutritional Status of Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis)
Alisha MulkeyMSFrank CoaleAlternative Simulation of Soil Phosphorus for Agricultural Land Uses in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Model
Scott TjadenMSDavid TilleyEnergy Balance, Water Balance, and Plant Dynamics of a Sloped, Thin Extensive Green Roof Installed in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States
Timothy WilliamsonMSDavid TilleyDesign and Sustainability Analysis of Oyster Aquaculture in Maryland
Catherine DeSarleMSBruce JamesHexavalent Chromium Quantification and Remediation in Soils and Waster Materials
Christina MillerMSBruce JamesChromium Oxidation-Reduction Chemistry Controlled by Iron and Manganese (Hydr)oxide Surfaces and Soils: Column Leaching and Spectroscopic Studies
Ann RossiPhDMartin RabenhorstPedogenesis and Hydromorphology of Soils in Mid-Atlantic Barrier Island Landscapes
Taras LychukPhDBob HillEvaluation of Biochar Applications and Irrigation as Climate Change Adaptation Options for Agricultural Systems
Hannah PoffenbargerMSRay WeilNitrogen Dynamics in Cover Crop-Based No-Till Corn
Nicholas RayMSPatrick KangasToward the Development of Integrated Oyster-Algae Aquaculture in the Chesapeake Bay
2013 Graduates
Michelle ArthurMSAndrew BaldwinA Competitive Interaction and Dominance Experiment Between the Vegetative Marsh Species Phragmites australis and Spartina Cynosuroides Under Elevated Nitrogen and Salinity Levels
Natalie LounsburyMSRay WeilSpring Seedbed Characteristics after Winterkilled Cover Crops
Russell ReynnellsMSGary FeltonComparison of Pathogen Detection Methods in Compost and Compost Characteristics as Potential Predictors of Pathogen Regrowth
Kendall SimonMSWilliam BowermanBald Eagle (Haliaeetus Leucocephalus) Population Productivity and Density Dependent Effects in Michigan, 1961-2010
Michelle WeberMSPatrick KangasEconomic Analysis of Alternative Applications of An Algal Production System
2012 Graduates
Dominic BrosePhDJames BruceUse of Tartaric Acid and Isopropyl Alcohol in the Reduction of Hexavalent Chromium and Application to Chromium Contaminated Soils and Chromite Ore Processing Residue
Elliot CampbellPhDDavid TilleyValuing Forest Ecosystem Services in Maryland and Suggesting Fair Payment Using the Principles of Systems Ecology
Thomas FreedMSPaul LeisnhamRelative Roles of Aggregation, Competition, and Predation in the North American Invasion of the Asian Bush Mosquito, Aedes Japonicus
George GeatzMSBrian NeedlemanNutrient Levels and Organic Matter Decomposition in Response to Prescribed Burns in Mid-Atlantic Coastal Marshes
Amy HudsonMSDavid TilleyAssessing the Uncertainty of Emergy Analyses with Monte Carlo Simulations
Diana MaimoneMSGary FeltonFate and Transport of Nitrogen at a Deep Row Biosolids Application Hybrid Poplar Tree Farm
Serena MattMSDavid TilleyGreen Fa├žades Provide Habitat for Arthropods on Buildings in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area
Andrew MossMSStephanie LansingEnvironmental Sustainability and Waste Treatment Capabilities of Small-Scale Anaerobic Digestion Systems
Brandon WinfreyPhDDavid TilleyMaterial and Emergy Cycling in Natural and Human-Dominated Systems
Julie WolfPhDBrian NeedlemanThe Effects of Future Global Change on Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Soil Carbon: Using Urbanization as a Surrogate for Future Conditions in Field Studies
Metthea YepsenMSAndrew BaldwinVegetation Patterns in Depressional Restored, Natural Reference, and Prior-Converted Wetlands in the USA Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain
2011 Graduates
Vitalia BaranyaiMSJoshua McGrathEvaluation of Base Liners to Reduce Nitrogen and Salt Leaching from Poultry Litter Storage Stockpiles to the Underlying Soil - A Field Column Study
Jenna ClarkMSAndrew BaldwinPlant Biomass Allocation and Competitive Interactions in Coastal Wetlands of the Chesapeake Bay: Experimental and Observational Studies
Zara DowlingMSPaul LeisnhamLinking Socioeconomic Factors to Mosquito Control in Residential Washington, D.C.
Daniel FenstermacherMSMartin RabenhorstCarbon Storage and Potential Carbon Sequestration in Depressional Wetlands of the Mid-Atlantic Region
Katherine KlavonMSStephanie LansingDesign and Economics of Plug-Flow, Small-Scale Anaerobic Digesters for Temperate Climates
Cassandra SmithMSPaul LeisnhamImpacts of Climate Change Variables on Mosquito Competition and Population Performance
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