Name Degree Advisor Thesis / Dissertation
2023 Graduates
Danielle Delp PhD Stephanie Lansing Utilizing Algal Turf Scrubbers for Bioremediation and Bioenergy Production
Dietrich Epp Schmidt PhD Stephanie Yarwood Augmenting Sequencing Technology for Better Inference in Soil Microbiome Analysis
Kirkland Mahoney   Amro Hassanein Novel Applications of Waste Treatment Technologies to Generate Energy and Treat Water
Carlton Poindexter PhD Stephanie Lansing Heated Resistance: Thermal Treatment Technology Mitigation of Biological Wastes’ Antibiotic Resistance and Gene Mobility in Waste Systems
Sarah Cabral Ponte PhD Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman Social-Ecological Processes and Dynamics of Urban Forests as Green Stormwater Infrastructure in Maryland, USA
Elad Shdaimah MS Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman  
2022 Graduates
Shannon P. Browne PhD Jennifer M. Mullinax Evaluating Relationships Between Bats and Landscape Characteristics in a White-nose Syndrome Positive Region: Does Urbanization Play an Important Role?
Sylvia Jacobson MS Andrew Baldwin Native Planting in Tidal Wetlands for Phragmites Australis Management: Field and Mesocosm Experiments
Emily Keener MS Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman Biosolids and Compost For Urban Soil Restoration and Forestry
Jordan Kim MS Marty Rabenhorst Distribution and Variability of Carbon Stocks in Mid-atlantic Tidal Marsh Soils
Brian Scott PhD Stephanie Yarwood Organic Matter Soil Amendments, Anoxic Soil Biogeochemistry and Wetland Restoration
Farshid Shoushtarian PhD Masoud Negahban-Azar Sustainable Water Resources Management Through Agricultural Water Reuse: Application of a Decision Support System
Jaclyn Smith MS Robert Hill Dynamics of Phytoplankton Populations in Irrigation Ponds
Matthew Stocker PhD Robert Hill Monitoring and Predicting the Microbial Water Quality in Irrigation Ponds
Matthew Wilfong PhD Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman Decentralizing Stormwater Management: Shifting Infrastructure and Evolving Hydrosocial Relationships
2021 Graduates
Grace Hummell PhD Jennifer M. Mullinax Radiotracking and The Spatial Analysis of White-footed Mice (Peromyscus leucopus), in Suburban Maryland Parks
Cedric Park MS Marty Rabenhorst Subaqueous Soils of South River, Maryland: Soil-landscape Model Evaluation
Lauren (Taylor) Roswall MS Gurpal Toor Quantification of Water Extractable Phosphorus Pools in Soils and Manures to Predict Phosphorus Loss
Nathan Sedghi PhD Ray Weil Extending the Cover Crop Growing Season to Reduce Nitrogen Pollution
Ruth Shatkay MS Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman Relationships Between Urban Forest Patch Characteristics and Near-Ground Solar Radiation in Baltimore, MD
Alyssa Wellman Houde MS Gurpal Toor Investigating the Effect of Management on Agricultural Organic Nitrogen Cycling and Alternative Nitrification Pathways
2020 Graduates
Maya Babu MS Paul Leisnham Field Testing the Attractancy and Toxicity of the Pro-fragrance Compound, Okoumal, to Gravid Aedes Mosquitoes and Their Offspring Larvae
Leila Mosleh MS Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman Green Infrastructure in Integrated Urban Water Management: Modeling and Social-Ecological System Approaches
Manashi Paul PhD Masoud Negahban-Azar Application of Reclaimed Wastewater for Agricultural Irrigation: Developing a Decision Support Tool Using Spatial Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
Patrick Roden-Reynolds MS Jennifer M. Mullinax Spatial Analysis of White-Tailed Deer Capture Methods and Movements in Suburban Maryland
Dana Rushovich MS Ray Weil Sulfur Management to Enhance Yield and Protein Quality of Grain Legumes
Kaitlin Saunders MS Paul Leisnham Improving the Surveillance and Control of Vector Mosquitoes in Heterogeneous Landscapes
Barret Wessel PhD Marty Rabenhorst Subaqueous Soils of Chesapeake Bay: Distribution, Genesis, and the Pedological Impacts of Sea-Level Alterations
Chenglin (Drew) Zhu MS Gary Felton High Quality Biosolids: Assessment of Nitrogen Mineralization and Potential for Improving Highway Soils
2019 Graduates
Hannah Boone MS Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman Using Behavior Change and Social Ecological Frameworks to Inform Riparian Forest Buffer Outreach in the Maryland Upper Potomac Watershed
Abhinav Choudhury PhD Stephanie Lansing Increasing Efficiency and sustainability of Waste-to-Energy Systems Using Biochar for Hydrogen Sulfide Control and Life Cycle Assessment
Martina Gonzales Mateu PhD Stephanie Yarwood Anthropogenic Disturbance Alters Plant and Microbial Communities in Tidal Freshwater Wetlands in the Chesapeake Bay, USA
Eni Baballari MS Stephanie Yarwood Bloom Biosolids: What is Their Microbial Community and How Do They Affect Soil and Plant Health?
Daniel Colopietro MS Ray Weil Soil Organic Carbon in Mid-Atlantic Region Forest Soils: Stocks and Vertical Distribution
Rachel Harrison MS Lance Yonkos Survival and Biochemical Health Indicators of Elliptio Complanata Deployed in Anacostia River Tributaries for Monitoring of Persistent Organic Contaminants
Rachel Kierzewski MS Robert Hill Spatial and Temporal Variance of Microbial Water Quality in Two Maryland Irrigation Ponds
Megan Saunders PhD Paul Leisnham Spatio Temporal Mechanisms of Urban Mosquito Coexistence in Baltimore, MD
Krystal Yhap MS Masoud Negahban-Azar Urban Water Supply Planning Under Climate and Demand Growth Uncertainties: A Framework for Improving System Resilience
2018 Graduates
Sarah Hirsh PhD Ray Weil Deep Soil Nitrogen Capture and Recycling by Early-Planted, Deep-Rooted Cover Crops
Sara Mack MS Martin Rabenhorst Identifying Problematic Hydric Soils Derived from Red Parent Materials in the United States
Chris Palardy MS Martin Rabenhorst Impact of Restoration Activity on Wetland Soil Properties and Functions
Natalie Mei-Lan Yee MS Reginal Harrell Understanding Conservationists' Perspectives Concerning the Ethical Dilemmas Associated with Declines in African Vulture Populations
2017 Graduates
Yu Mo PhD Michael Kearney Phenology of coastal marshes in Louisiana from 1984-2014: Long- and short-term variations associated with climate change and disastrous events
Christine Prasse PhD William Bowerman & Stephanie Yarwood   
Patrice Nielson PhD Andrew Baldwin & William Bowerman Secretive Marshbirds of Urban Welands in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area
Andrea Yarberry PhD Stephanie Lansing Increasing Anaerobic Digestion Adoption Through Novel Inoculum Preservation and Understanding the Effect of Waste Stream Dynamics
Nicholas Cloyd MS Patrick Kangas & David Tilley Microclimatic Effects and Biophilic Properties of Living Umbrellas 
Emma Giese MS Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman Stormwater Green Infrastructure Climate Resilience In Chesapeake Bay Urban Watersheds
Diane Leason MS Andrew Baldwin Salinity and Inundation Tolerance of Phragmites australis ssp. americanus: A Greenhouse Experiment and Field Study on a Tributary of the Chesapeake Bay
Emileigh Lucas Rosso MS McGrath Evaluating Soil Phosphorus Dynamics over Time
Kanoko Meada MS Paul Leisnham Knowledge, Attitudes, and Implementation of SMPS and Mosquito Management Across a Socioeconomic Gradient
Natalia Salazar MS Bob Hill Climate Change Impacts and Adaptations in Eastern US Crop Production
Matthew Stocker MS Bob Hill Release, Survival, And Removal of Bovine Manure-Borne Indicator Bacteria Under Simulated Rainfall
Cuiyan Wu MS Bob Tjaden  
2016 Graduates
Kendall Lyn Simon PhD William Bowerman Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus Leucocephalus) as Indicators of Great Lakes Ecosystem Health 
Holly Bowen MS Stephanie Yarwood The Distribution and Function of Denitrification Genes: Exploring Agricultural Management and Soil Chemical Implications 
Brian Davis MS Brian Needelman Nitrous Oxide Emissions in Cover Crop-Based Corn Production Systems
Robert Kyle Derby MS Brian Needelman Methane Emissions From A Tidal Brackish Marsh On Maryland's Eastern Shore and the Factors Impacting Them
Dietrich Epp Schmidt MS Stephanie Yarwood The Ecology of Urbanization: A Study of Soil Microbial Community Rosponse
Kirsten Harbom MS Lance Yonkos  
Sharon Hartzell MS Lance Yonkos Toxicity and Contamination in Bear Creek Sediment: Spatial Analysis and Implications for Risk Assessment
Alexander MacLeod MS Lance Yonkos A Novel Non-Lethal Laparoscopic Approach to Detect Intersex (Testicular Oocytes) in Largemouth Bass (Micropterus Salmoides) and Smallmouth Bass (Micropterus Dolomieu)
Benjamin Alan Prince MS Patrick Kangas & David Tilley An Ecological Analysis of the Potential for Moss-Based Green Roof Design
Brent West MS William Bowerman Estimating Population Trends in American Woodcock (Scolopax Minor) Using Population Reconstruction Models

2015 Graduates

Ashley J. Belle PhD Stephanie Lansing Coupling Anaerobic Digestion Technology And Forage Radish Cover Cropping To Optimize Methane Production Of Dairy Manure-Based Digestion
Holly Bowen MS Stephanie Lansing The Distribution And Function Of Denitrification Genes: Exploring Agricultural Management And Soil Chemical Implications
Glade Dlott MS Stephanie Yarwood Back to Earth: Molecular Approaches to Microbial Ecology Must Consider Soil Morphology and Physicochemical Properties
Nicole Fiorellino PhD Joshua McGrath Evaluation of accuracy and sensitivity of the University of Maryland Phosphorus Management Tool and investigation of subsurface phosphorus dynamics in the Maryland Coastal Plains region
Eliza McFarland PhD Andrew Baldwin Assessing Wetland Restoration on the Delmarva Peninsula using Vegetation Characteristics
Lela Stanley MS Patrick Kangas Design and Performance of a Wetland-Inspired Green Bulkhead and a Grassland-Inspired Green Wall
Brent West MS William Bowerman Estimating Population Trends in American Woodcock (Scolopax Minor) Using Population Reconstruction Models
Kathryn White PhD Frank Coale Characterization of Plant Root Cell Wall Structural Changes During Decomposition
Freddy Witarsa PhD Stephanie Lansing Increasing the Sustainability of Psychrophilic Small-Scale Anaerobic Digesters
2014 Graduates
Saptashati (Tanya) Biswas PhD Joshua McGrath Quantification of Ionophore Antimicrobials Associated with Poultry Litter and Their Dynamics in the Soils of the Mid-Atlantic USA
Ryan Blaustein MS Bob Hill Release and Runoff/Infiltration Removal of Escherichia Coli, Enterococci, and Total Coliforms from Land-Applied Dairy Cattle Manure
Daneille Bodner MS Paul Leisnham The Effectiveness of Resident-Based Mosquito Control Through Changes in Knowledge and Behavior Along a Socioeconomic Gradient
Loretta Collins MS Gary Felton Impact of Surface Application of Flue Gas Desulfurization Gypusum on Infiltration, Phophorus Behavior, and Total Sulfur in a Previously Manured Coastal Plain Soil
Kristin Fisher PhD Bruce James Urea Hydrolysis in Soil Profile Toposequences: Mechanisms Relevant to Nitrogen Transport and Water Quality
David Hamrum MS Bob Hill The Effects of Drainage Ditch Filter Composition on Hydraulic Properties and P Sorption
William Haus MS Reginal Harrell Advancing Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management: Biological Reference Points for Nutritional Status of Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis)
Alisha Mulkey MS Frank Coale Alternative Simulation of Soil Phosphorus for Agricultural Land Uses in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Model
Scott Tjaden MS David Tilley Energy Balance, Water Balance, and Plant Dynamics of a Sloped, Thin Extensive Green Roof Installed in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States
Timothy Williamson MS David Tilley Design and Sustainability Analysis of Oyster Aquaculture in Maryland
Catherine DeSarle MS Bruce James Hexavalent Chromium Quantification and Remediation in Soils and Waster Materials
Christina Miller MS Bruce James Chromium Oxidation-Reduction Chemistry Controlled by Iron and Manganese (Hydr)oxide Surfaces and Soils: Column Leaching and Spectroscopic Studies
Ann Rossi PhD Martin Rabenhorst Pedogenesis and Hydromorphology of Soils in Mid-Atlantic Barrier Island Landscapes
Taras Lychuk PhD Bob Hill Evaluation of Biochar Applications and Irrigation as Climate Change Adaptation Options for Agricultural Systems
Hannah Poffenbarger MS Ray Weil Nitrogen Dynamics in Cover Crop-Based No-Till Corn
Nicholas Ray MS Patrick Kangas Toward the Development of Integrated Oyster-Algae Aquaculture in the Chesapeake Bay
2013 Graduates
Michelle Arthur MS Andrew Baldwin A Competitive Interaction and Dominance Experiment Between the Vegetative Marsh Species Phragmites australis and Spartina Cynosuroides Under Elevated Nitrogen and Salinity Levels
Natalie Lounsbury MS Ray Weil Spring Seedbed Characteristics after Winterkilled Cover Crops
Russell Reynnells MS Gary Felton Comparison of Pathogen Detection Methods in Compost and Compost Characteristics as Potential Predictors of Pathogen Regrowth
Kendall Simon MS William Bowerman Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus Leucocephalus) Population Productivity and Density Dependent Effects in Michigan, 1961-2010
Michelle Weber MS Patrick Kangas Economic Analysis of Alternative Applications of An Algal Production System
2012 Graduates
Dominic Brose PhD James Bruce Use of Tartaric Acid and Isopropyl Alcohol in the Reduction of Hexavalent Chromium and Application to Chromium Contaminated Soils and Chromite Ore Processing Residue
Elliot Campbell PhD David Tilley Valuing Forest Ecosystem Services in Maryland and Suggesting Fair Payment Using the Principles of Systems Ecology
Thomas Freed MS Paul Leisnham Relative Roles of Aggregation, Competition, and Predation in the North American Invasion of the Asian Bush Mosquito, Aedes Japonicus
George Geatz MS Brian Needleman Nutrient Levels and Organic Matter Decomposition in Response to Prescribed Burns in Mid-Atlantic Coastal Marshes
Amy Hudson MS David Tilley Assessing the Uncertainty of Emergy Analyses with Monte Carlo Simulations
Diana Maimone MS Gary Felton Fate and Transport of Nitrogen at a Deep Row Biosolids Application Hybrid Poplar Tree Farm
Serena Matt MS David Tilley Green Façades Provide Habitat for Arthropods on Buildings in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area
Andrew Moss MS Stephanie Lansing Environmental Sustainability and Waste Treatment Capabilities of Small-Scale Anaerobic Digestion Systems
Brandon Winfrey PhD David Tilley Material and Emergy Cycling in Natural and Human-Dominated Systems
Julie Wolf PhD Brian Needleman The Effects of Future Global Change on Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Soil Carbon: Using Urbanization as a Surrogate for Future Conditions in Field Studies
Metthea Yepsen MS Andrew Baldwin Vegetation Patterns in Depressional Restored, Natural Reference, and Prior-Converted Wetlands in the USA Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain
2011 Graduates
Vitalia Baranyai MS Joshua McGrath Evaluation of Base Liners to Reduce Nitrogen and Salt Leaching from Poultry Litter Storage Stockpiles to the Underlying Soil - A Field Column Study
Jenna Clark MS Andrew Baldwin Plant Biomass Allocation and Competitive Interactions in Coastal Wetlands of the Chesapeake Bay: Experimental and Observational Studies
Zara Dowling MS Paul Leisnham Linking Socioeconomic Factors to Mosquito Control in Residential Washington, D.C.
Daniel Fenstermacher MS Martin Rabenhorst Carbon Storage and Potential Carbon Sequestration in Depressional Wetlands of the Mid-Atlantic Region
Katherine Klavon MS Stephanie Lansing Design and Economics of Plug-Flow, Small-Scale Anaerobic Digesters for Temperate Climates
Cassandra Smith MS Paul Leisnham Impacts of Climate Change Variables on Mosquito Competition and Population Performance