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The Algal Ecotechnology Center (AEC) is an organizational unit for advancing the design and implementation of ecologically-engineered, algal-based technologies for water quality management and economic development.


Under a grant from Northeast SARE, a team of research scientists, extension agents and farmers from Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are working to develop new systems of no-herbicide no-till planting of early vegetables into a seedbed prepared by low-residue winter-killed cover crops such as forage radish.

Research Labs

The Department of Environmental Science and Technology is developing into a world-class center of discovery and teaching that will innovate and educate to deal with increasingly complex environmental conditions.

The Department serves the campus community as a key, foundational unit of its increasingly broader emphasis on the environment. It is unique among campus units because it is comprised of a critical mass of faculty fully involved in environmental science and problem solving. Explore our labs and research centers to learn more about the faculty and graduate student research across a spectrum of environmental fields:

Name Coordinator

Aquatic Toxicology Lab


Dr. Lance Yonkos

Bioenergy and Bioprocessing Technology Lab

Waste to Energy

Dr. Stephanie Lansing

Ecology and Health Lab

Dr. Paul Leisnham
Ecosystem Engineering Design Lab Dr. David Tilley 
Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering Lab Dr. Adel Shirmohammadi
Joint Analytical Services Lab Dr. William Bowerman
Pedology Research Lab Dr. Martin Rabenhorst 

Physiology and Genetics Lab

Plant growth and development

Dr. Wendy Peer

Soil Quality Lab

Physical, chemical and biological aspects of soil quality 

Dr. Ray Weil 
Soil and Water Geospatial Analysis Lab Dr. Brian Needelman
Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry Lab Dr. Stephanie Yarwood 
Wetland Ecology and Engineering Lab Dr. Andrew Baldwin

Mullinax Lab

Applied Spatial Wildlife Ecology

Dr. Jennifer Mullinax