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2020 Better Composting School has been cancelled due to COVID-19

Composting is becoming the method of choice for converting organic waste into a marketable, commercial product. Service-providers in the horticultural industries, like nurseries, greenhouses, landscape contractors, garden centers, and landscape maintenance companies, are major users of organic matter and fertilizers. But getting these operations and their clientele to accept commercial compost alongside commonly used agents (such as fertilizers, processed manures, and peatmoss) requires controlled production conditions and standardized methodology.

Since commercial compost can be manufactured from a variety of waste materials, a variety of standards have been established based on end-uses. Managers of composting facilities must be familiar with these standards and with the waste materials and composting systems that can best produce the desired products. Composting to produce a product that is consistent in quality will require good management and quality control.

By enrolling in the Mid-Atlantic Better Composing School, participants will not only learn the basics of making good compost, but they will also have the opportunity to tour commercial operations, perform product sampling and learn simple procedures for compost testing.

Meets the training requirement to become a Certified Compost Operations Manager.  For more info, go to

BCS (or Mid-Atlantic Better Composting School)

Note: 2020 Better Composting School has been cancelled due to COVID-19

Mid-Atlantic Better Composting School

Beltsville Agricultural Research Center Bldg 005
Beltsville, MD 20705

Topics Include:
Introduction, Science of Composting, Processes and Equipment, Site Selection, Feed Stocks and Mixes, Composting Mortalities, Processes and Odor Control, Computer-Aided Recipe Making, Tour of 4-5 Commercial Composting Facilities, Collect Compost Samples for Laboratory, Health and Safety Issues, Compost Quality and Standards, Laboratory Procedures for Compost Quality, Compost Utilization, & Marketing and Economics.

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Past Trainings


Gary Felton 
1433 Animal Science/Ag. Engineering Bldg. 142
College Park, MD 20742

Short Courses

Composting Short Courses:

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Home Composting

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