Plan of Governance

Plan of Governance

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Plan of Governance ENST Plan of Governance
Table of Contents List of Appendices and their date of adoption or update
Appendix A

Policy on Faculty Evaluation and Merit Pay Distribution

Appendix B

Policy on Appointment, Promotion and Tenure of Faculty (TTK)

Appendix C

Policy on Function of the Programs, Courses And Curricula (PCC) Committee

Appendix D

Policies Regarding Expectations of Graduate Students, Advisors and Graduate Advisory Committees

Appendix E

Policies Regarding Graduate Assistantships

Appendix F

Change to Policies Regarding Affiliate Faculty Members

Appendix G

Policy on Revenue Sharing for Tuition Revenue Derived from Teaching Summer Session and Winter Term Courses

Appendix H

Policy on Revenue Sharing for Faculty Salary Savings Generated from External Grant Awards

Appendix I

Policy on Periodic Evaluation of Faculty Performance

Appendix J

Policy on Appointment, Evaluation and Promotion of Professional Track Faculty (PTK)

Appendix K

Policy on Selection, Appointment, and Evaluation of Endowed Professorships

Appendix L

Policy on Selection of Students for Endowed Scholarships

Appendix M

Policy on Mentoring of Tenure Track (TTK) and Professional Track (PTK) Faculty and

Postdoctoral Scholars