Seminar Series

Seminar Series - Fall 2023


13 Dr. Paul Leisnham, ENST Department Chair
Crouching tiger, hidden traps: Successful citizen-led management of the invasive tiger mosquito in University Park, Maryland
20 Dr. Sarah Knight, Univ. of Auckland
Microbial Ecology of Vines and Wines
27 No Seminar
4 Nora Hamovit, BEES
13C-DNA stable isotope probing reveals active methanogens are more numerous in a restored wetland
11 Dr. Taylor Anderson, George Mason Univ.
Spatial data science and simulation for better understanding, predicting, and responding to diseases
18 Dr. Megan Vahsen, Utah Stat Univ.
Reconstructing marshes over the past century: the relative roles of plant trait plasticity and rapid evolution in driving ecosystem-level change
25 Jonas Lee, UDC MS Candidate
Aquaponics with Scavenging Materials to Support Life Off Earth


1 Usoshi Chatterjee, ENST MS Candidate
Utilizing Poultry Litter Derived Biochar with Amendments for Plant Growth and Pollutant Removal
8 Dr. Carys Mitchelmore, UMCES - CBL Solomons
Environmental Risk of UV filters contained in sunscreens
15 Dr. Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman, ENST Associate Professor
Linking ecosystem services and stormwater governance in a semi-arid city
22 Thanksgiving Break - No Seminar  
29 Alejandra Vazquez, ENST MS Candidate
Methods development with mummichog to investigate the severity and spatial extent of toxicity in contaminated estuaries


6 Dr. Ritesh Karki, UMD - MAES Program
Assessing climate change impacts at watershed scale: Multiple approaches
ANSC 0408
3:00 PM
12 ENST Poster Symposium
2:00 - 4:00 pm; 0408 and Atrium (details TBD)
ANSC 0408
2:00 PM


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