Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Respect

The Department of Environmental Science and Technology has established Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Respect (DEIR) goals and priority areas

ENST Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Respect Plan

DEIR document cover

This document will serve as a living document, as we continue to refine and enhance our DEIR initiatives and align our priorities with the University of Maryland and College of Agricultural and Natural Resources’ DEIR initiatives and activities. The ENST Community voted 37-0 in favor of these department priority areas during the November 18th, 2020 faculty/staff meeting, with updates adopted during our February 8th, 2023 faculty/staff meeting.

Each of the four priority areas have action items, how each goal will be measured, and who is accountable for ensuring work. The goals and action items are listed below in order of priority. The ENST DEIR priorities areas will be evaluated annually.

ENST DEIR Goals & Priorities

ENST Diversity Committee Members & Suggestion Box:

ENST Diversity Committee Members have volunteered to work to continuously improved matters of diversity, equity, inclusion, and respect (DEIR) within the department. All staff, graduate students, and faculty are welcome to be part of the committee. Please email if you are interested in getting on our listserv, or for matters of ENST DEIR.

ENST DEIR Suggestion Box – we encourage you to contact the Committee Chair or other members directly, but this form is an additional way you can interact with ENST DEIR activities, and can remain anonymous if you choose:

ENST DEIR Suggestion Box

Note: If you are looking to report a DEIR bias incident, please work through the UMD Office of Diversity & inclusion Bias Incident Support Services here:

Committee Member Email
Committee Chair - Stephanie Lansing (Professor)
Eni Baballari (Lecturer/Advisor)
Charles Burgis (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Usoshi Chatterjee (Graduate Student)  
Candice Duncan (Assistant Professor)
Edward Landa (Adjunct Professor)
Emileigh Rosso Lucas (Faculty Specialist)
Peter May (Assistant Research Professor)
Masoud Negahban-Azar (Assistant Professor)
Wendy Peer (Associate Professor)

Rosalind Pinkard (Director of Administrative Services)
Sarah Rothman (Graduate Student)  
Jonathan Stephanoff (IT Coordinator)
Jared Wilmoth (Assistant Professor)