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How can citizens balance economic advancement and human well-being with environmental limitations in a dynamic world that continues to surpass historic boundaries? An increasing human population, a robust and progressive agriculture and the health of the Chesapeake Bay are a few of the characteristics that make Maryland the perfect place to study such questions. In a world of competing priorities, it is an increasingly important question for our citizenry, policy makers, and our students, in particular, to answer. Sound science and sustainable technologies are important requirements that will allow society to make the best decisions about managing the environment.

Students in marsh


Our primary mission is to educate students on the fundamentals of environmental science, while instilling a deep fascination and intellectual capacity to work in their chosen area of specialization, whether it is:

When our students graduate, we want them to be top-notch environmental stewards with a broad framework from which they can advance professionally, personally and socially. Our graduates will have the skills necessary for managing natural, agricultural and urban ecosystems and assessing the interactions among air, water, soil, living organisms, and people. They will be able to contribute to a sustainable future.

The Department also strives to advance fundamental environmental science and to lead in the development of novel ecological technologies. Our faculty includes international and national leaders in the fields of soil science, ecological engineering, wetland science, bioremediation, and natural resource management. Professors in ENST are committed to enhancing society’s relationship with the environment by improving conservation and management of natural resources, assessing the impacts of humans on ecosystems, designing and implementing naturally-based technologies, and elucidating the effects of environmental conditions on human health.

In short, ENST aspires to build the human capital and knowledge base that society needs now and in the future to achieve a sustainable world. We will accomplish this through excellence in scientific discovery, technological development, education and outreach programs.


ENST faculty with expertise in soil science, ecology, and ecological engineering set the stage for unique, relevant, and attractive courses and an academic program that not only trains students to understand environmental systems and issues, but also gives them multidisciplinary quantitative design and analytical tools to address complex environmental problems.