1992 Regional Competition

1992 Regional Competition

University of Maryland 1992 Regional Soil Judging Team
Front Row: Michael Molfetto, Camilla Cornwell, Ian Yessilonas, Thomas Ellison. Middle Row: Samuel Buonacore, Steven Burch (7th place individual), Valerie Cohen (3rd place individual), Jennifer Conaway, Charles Hanner, Barbara Schellinger. Back Row: Martin Rabenhorst (Coach), Keith Nelson, Juliet Cartron, Joey Shaw (Asst. Coach), Susannah Watson, Mark Magness (Asst. Coach), David Bettendorf, Michael Stokes

1992 Regional Contest

Host:  Cornell University
Location: Ithaca, NY
October 7-10, 1992

UMD Team Members

David Bettendorf
Samuel Buonacore
Steven Burch
Juliet Cartron
Valerie Cohen
Jennifer Conaway
Camilla Cornwell
Thomas Ellison
Charles Hanner
Michael Molfetto
Keith Nelson
Barbara Schellinger
Michael Stokes
Susannah Watson
Ian Yessilonas
Mark Magness (Asst. Coach)
Joey Shaw (Asst. Coach)
Martin Rabenhorst (Coach)

School Standings

1. Cornell University
2. Delaware Valley College
3. University of Maryland
4. Penn State
5. University of Rhode Island