ENST Internships Overview

An internship is required for the Environmental Science and Technology major. This means that in order to graduate, ENST students must complete ENST 389: Professional Internship.

For a complete explanation of ENST's internship
program and requirements, see:

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ENST Internship Coordinator: Jose-Luis Izursa, PhD / / 301-405-1195


Internship Resources

Career/Internship Appointments: Students can obtain career and internship advice by making an appointment via Careers4Terps. Students looking for resume reviews can schedule a 25 min appointment with a Peer Career Educator. Other career topics (internship/job search, graduate school, major/career exploration, etc.) students should schedule a virtual appointment with a Career Advisor via Careers4Terps. Main University Career Center staff will be available to see ENST students while Christina Farmer is on maternity leave.


ENST 389: Professional Internship

Submit your ENST 389 Internship Form

ENST Internship Guidelines

  1. You must be an ENST student to register for ENST 389. 

  2. Students are responsible for finding their own internships. While students are required to find an internship themselves, the university and ENST department offers plenty of resources to help such as the ENST Advising BlogCareers4TerpsUMD Internships, and Maryland Center for Undergraduate Research. You may respond to notices you receive from your instructors and advisors, and/or approach organizations directly. Additionally, you may pursue the internship in a wide range of settings: public sector, private companies, or research labs

  3. Your internship must be off-campus but can be paid or unpaid. Consult with your advisor or other faculty members about the types of internships appropriate to your concentration and academic/career interests.

  4. Upon selection/admission for the work experience, please submit the ENST 389 internship application form which should include a work description and proposed work schedule for approval PRIOR to the start of work.

  5. At the conclusion of your internship, you will submit a: (1) a journal, including your hours worked and a record of your activities, (2) a letter or certificate from your internship supervisor to verify the work you completed, and (3) a reflection paper of your work. Your grade in ENST 389 is pass or fail and is based on the Internship Coordinator's assessment of your learning and performance in the internship.

Steps to a Successful Professional Internship

Your internship should provide you with an invaluable experience. More than classwork, it is meant to be an essential tool in directing your future by making contacts and gaining hands-on experience. To better ensure you are getting the most out of your internship, follow these five steps:

Step One: Find an internship

  • Create or update a resume with assistance from University Career Center
  • Identify opportunities on the ENST advising blog, career center resources, personal network, etc.

Step Two: Get credit for your internship

  • Get confirmation of your internship on company letterhead (Either an offer letter or a signed internship contract)
  • Complete the ENST 389 internship application form
  • Turn in the offer letter or a signed internship contract to internship coordinator, Dr. Jose-Luis Izursa ( prior to beginning the internship
  • Once approved register for credit on Testudo

Step Three: Get prepared for the course assignments 

  • Get your assignments prepared for the semester when you register for ENST389. Course assignments will be available in ELMS. You will have to submit them through ELMS in on or before the due date:
    1. Offer letter or a signed internship contract
    2. Daily log
    3. Certificate or letter from internship supervisor
    4. Reflection Paper

Step Four: Finish your internship constructively

  • Challenge yourself to make the most out of every minute of your internship
  • Finish your required hours (135 hours minimum - 3 credits)
  • Make sure your Internship supervisor sends your certificate of completion
  • Think about how to exit your internship graciously (thank you notes, exit interviews, ask for future opportunities)

Step Five: Finish your ENST389 course successfully

  • It is part of your learning experience to follow your syllabus and take initiative to do your assignments and turn them in on or before the due date:
    1. Offer letter or a signed internship contract
    2. Daily log
    3. Certificate or letter from internship supervisor
    4. Reflection Paper
  • The internship coordinator is the course instructor and is responsible for assigning your pass/fail grade


ENST 486: Senior Integrative Experience (SIE) Professional Internship

ENST 486 Senior Professional Internship is one option to meet ENST's Senior Integrative Experience (SIE). To explore all the SIE options and learn more about ENST 486, check out ENST's SIE page:

Senior Integrative Experience (SIE)

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