1972 Regional Competition

1972 Regional Competition

University of Maryland 1972 Regional Championship Soil Judging Team
Left to right: James Miller (Chairman, Dept. of Agronomy), Martin Rabenhorst (1st place individual), Howard Reel, Philip Snow, Robert Bracey, Daniel Wagner, Mary Patterson, Arthur Hathcock, Delvin Fanning (Coach), Carl Robinette (Asst. Coach).

1972 Regional Contest

Host:  Delaware Valley College
Location: Doylestown, PA
October, 1972

UMD Team Members

Robert Bracey
Arthur Hathcock
Mary Patterson
Martin Rabenhorst (1st place individual)
Howard Reel
Philip Snow
Daniel Wagner
Carl Robinette (Asst. Coach)
Delvin Fanning (Coach)

School Standings

1. University of Maryland
2. Penn State