Uses of Harvested Algae

Uses of Algae Harvested from the ATS

From 2015 to 2018 Environmental Science and Technology undergraduate students have carried out senior capstone projects on several potential byproduct uses of algae that has been harvested from Chesapeake Bay ATS. The types of end-uses are limited because the ATS algal biomass harvested from Chesapeake Bay waters typically has a high inorganic ash content. However, given this constraint, these capstone projects constitute important preliminary research on the potential utility of the ATS algae.


2015 Algal Concrete Capstone Poster

2015 Algal Concrete Capstone

2015 Algal Digestion Capstone Poster

2015 Algal Digestion Capstone

2016 Algal Vermiculture Capstone Poster

2016 Algal Vermiculture Capstone

2017 Algal Fire Log Poster

2017 Algal Fire Log Capstone

2018 Algal Fertilizer Capstone Poster

2018 Algal Fertilizer Capstone