ENST 389 Form

ENST 389 Internship Guidelines:

  1. You must be an ENST student to register for ENST 389. 
  2. You must have completed at least 60 credits before the semester you register for ENST389.
  3. You are responsible for finding your own internship. While students are required to find an internship themselves, the university and ENST department offers plenty of resources to help such as the ENST Advising BlogCareers4TerpsUMD Internships, and Maryland Center for Undergraduate Research. You may respond to notices you receive from your instructors and advisors, and/or approach organizations directly. Additionally, you may pursue the internship in a wide range of settings: public sector, private companies, or research labs.
  4. Your internship must be off-campus but can be paid or unpaid. Consult with your advisor or other faculty members about the types of internships appropriate to your concentration and academic/career interests.
  5. Upon selection/admission for your work experience, please submit the ENST 389 internship application form (this form below) which should include a work description and proposed work schedule.
  6. Submission of the ENST 389 internship application form and its approval must happen PRIOR to the start of work. No retroactive internships will be approved. 
  7. At the conclusion of your internship, you will submit:
    1. An offer letter or signed contract confirmation of their internship.
    2. A daily log describing what they’ve done and/or learned each day.
    3. A report (reflection paper) describing the organization, their work, and their products, when applies.
    4. Two to five internship photos.
    5. Proof that you joined ENST’s professional LinkedIn page.
    6. A certificate of internship completion signed by your on-site supervisor.
  8. Your grade in ENST 389 is pass or fail and is based on the Internship Coordinator's assessment of your learning and performance in the internship.

ENST 389 Internship Approval Form

Area of Concentration:
Have you already received credit for ENST 389?
Note: your supervisor will be asked to submit a letter of verification when you have completed your work.
Note: you will need at least 135 hours on-site, please estimate how you will achieve these hours.


Upon receipt of all necessary information, you will be cleared to register for ENST 389. Internships should be approved for credit PRIOR to the start of a job. Requests made more than two weeks into the start of the internship will be approved on a case-by-case basis only. Expectations: The Internship Coordinator will assign a Pass or Fail grade based on: Submission of a five to seven page written academic account of work completed and a journal (which should serve as a daily time log and record of activities and observations). I have read and understand the ENST Internship guidelines and seek approval.