2023 Regional Competition

2023 Regional Competition

University of Maryland 2023 Regional Soil Judging Team
Front Row: Jocelyn Wardrup (Asst. Coach), Alex Quigley (4th), Nicko Kioutas, Jason Manzon (9th); Middle Row: Grace Bodine (Asst. Coach), Samantha Chang, Rachel Hillman, Violet O’Neil, Gina Jacob (11th), Cole Chapman, Ellie Rogers (15th), Spencer Goldberg; Back Row: Kelsey Genovese, Kate Latham, Gabe Acevedo (12th) Andrew Weiss (6th), Martin Rabenhorst (Coach), David Hutch (8th).

2023 Regional Contest

Host: Penn State University
Location: Clearfield, PA
September 26-29, 2023

2023 Regional Contest Story

UMD Team Members

Gabe Acevedo
Samantha Chang
Cole Chapman
Kelsey Genovese
Spencer Goldberg
Rachel Hillman
David Hutch
Gina Jacob
Nickolaus Kioutas
Kate Latham
Jason Manzon
Violet O’Neil
Ellie Rogers
Alex Quigley
Andrew Weiss
Grace Bodine (Asst. Coach)
Jocelyn Wardrup (Asst. Coach)
Martin Rabenhorst (Coach)

School Standings

1. University of Delaware
2. Delaware Valley University
3. University of Maryland