College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Environmental Science & Technology

2019 Departmental Awards Highlights

We are happy to congratulate the following ENST Team Members on their jobs well-done.

Faculty Awards:

Excellence in Teaching Award (Tenure Track) – Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman
Excellence in Teaching Award (Non Tenure Track) – Jose-Luis Izursa
Excellence in Research Award – Masoud Negahban-Azar
Excellence in Extension Award – Raymond R. Weil
Outstanding Post-Doctoral Research Associate –  Sangchul Lee
Excellence in Mentoring Award – Lance T. Yonkos

Staff Awards:
Outstanding Staff Excellence Award - Blake Jeter

Student Awards:
Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award – Ilana N. Herold
Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award – Cathelyn Y. Wang
Outstanding Graduate Student Award (MS) – Grace F. Hummel
Outstanding Graduate Student Award (PhD) – Barret M. Wessel
Outstanding Graduate Student Award (PhD) – Martina Gonzalez Mateu

Other Student Honors:
Washington, DC - Maryland ASABE Section Scholarship ($1,500)–Matthew Strosnider

The Bahram Momen Distinguished Service Award – Ruth Koster, Tina Scites, Blake Jeter, Traci Jackson, Maria Liberati, Laurie Brown, Sandra Nola, Daniel Ramia, Patricia Nitowitz, Norman Pruitt

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