Diane Peng - 2011-2012 Merrill Presidential Scholar

November 20, 2012

Department of Environmental Science and Technology undergraduate student Diane Peng has been chosen as a 2011-2012 Merrill Presidential Scholar. Diane recognizes her mentor, Dr. Andrew Baldwin, as the faculty member who has impacted her the most.

The prestigious Merrill Presidential Scholars Program honors the University of Maryland’s most successful seniors and their designated University faculty for their mentorship that leads to stronger collaboration between the University and K-12 schools. Diane has maintained a 4.0 grade point average while double majoring in Environmental Science and Technology, and General Biology.

“Diane is an amazing, exemplary student whose accomplishments speak for themselves,” says Kimberly Monahan, ENST Undergraduate Program Coordinator who serves as Diane’s academic advisor. “Despite her many skills and responsibilities, she is humble, good-natured, and well-liked among her peers.”

Diane is also a Banneker Key Scholar, Honors Program student, currently studying in Oslo, Norway where she is taking Biology and courses in Norwegian studies. Diane is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and has interned at Johns Hopkins University assisting in medical research. In addition, she serves as Vice President of New Member Education for Sigma Kappa Sorority and as Vice President of Fundraising for the Terp Runners Club.

“Diane will go far in her career,” says Dr. Baldwin, who is honored to be named as the UM faculty member who has had the most impact on her academic achievements. Diane has worked in Dr. Baldwin’s Wetland Ecology and Engineering Lab, where students and faculty come together to study wetlands. “Working in Andy's lab with the other graduate students has been educational and fun,” remembers Diane. “I have learned a lot about wetland ecosystems and gotten really muddy along the way.“ According to her, there is nothing more enjoyable than spending a nice day out in the marshes doing fieldwork.

Dr. Baldwin is an Associate Professor in ENST where he also serves as Director of the Undergraduate Program. He teaches Wetland Ecology and Wetland Creation and Restoration courses, and conducts research in ecology of restored, natural, and treatment wetlands.