Dr. Frank Coale Becomes SSSA Fellow

November 7, 2014

ENST professor and extension specialist, Dr. Frank Coale, has become a fellow of the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) for his achievements and meritorious contributions to agronomy through research and education, and both national and international services. 

Dr. Coale thanks his peers for nominating him for the fellow award, which is the highest recognition bestowed by the SSSA. “The honor of being elected SSSA Fellow is very special because it is not a personal achievement that I sought, but rather, it was an honor that was initiated by and bestowed upon me by my professional peers," says Dr. Coale.

“Dr. Coale’s achievements in education, research, and services have been immense, and his nomination as a fellow of the world’s largest soil science association, makes us all proud,” says ENST Chair Dr. William Bowerman.

Dr. Coale’s contributions in research, extension education, teaching and service have focused on better management of our agricultural ecosystems. His work has resulted in positive changes in agricultural best management practices, environmental preservation, policy development and citizen understanding.  

In addition, Dr. Coale’s research and extension programs have focused on efficient agronomic and environmental management of field-applied nutrients with specific focus on the fate and transport of soil phosphorus. His career-long dedication to new discoveries and rigorous quantification of the impact of agronomic production practices on phosphorus transport to threatened water resources has resulted in the adoption of on-farm best management practices; both influencing and guiding public policy development, and providing the scientific underpinnings essential for crafting reasonable mandated regulations.

Dr. Coale has published 50 refereed journal articles, nearly 200 Extension publications, and has delivered over 650 research and Extension presentations. Dr. Coale has mentored 31 graduate students and has supported his research programs with over $15 million in external funding. He has also served as Chair of ENST for six years and is Fellow of the American Society of Agronomy.