Dr. Stephanie Lansing Awarded ConE Junior Faculty Award

ENST assistant professor recognized for contributions to environmental issues

Dr. Stephanie Lansing, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science & Technology

Image Credit: Edwin Remsberg

May 15, 2015

The University of Maryland Council on the Environment (ConE) has named Dr. Stephanie Lansing, an assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Science & Technology, the recipient of the 2015 Junior Faculty Award.

The Council presents the award annually to a faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding accomplishments over the previous three to five years that have raised the profile and visibility of the university through significant contributions to environmental issues across the full range of professional activities: student impact, seminal contributions to the literature, extraordinary service pursuits, and/or collaboration with external non-governmental organizations.

Dr. Lansing will receive a plaque and cash prize of $3,000 and will deliver a presentation about her research related to anaerobic digestion at a cross-campus seminar to be held June 10 in room 0408 of the Animal Sciences Building.

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