Three ENST Students Win LAGI International Design Challenge: The Ripple Effects of Ripple

Planting Seeds of Environmental Awareness as Winners of the LAGI 2020 International Design Challenge

August 24, 2021 Samantha Watters

Imagine a drop of water creating ripples out across a still pond’s surface. Now imagine the pond is 3,800 acres of gorgeous Nevada desert known as the Fly Ranch, and the drop of water is a dome-shaped eco-restoration base surrounded by rings of restorative vegetation. This is the concept for the self-sustaining Ripple design, created by a diverse team of recent alumni and students across AGNR while stuck at home during the pandemic, and selected as one of only ten worldwide winners of the 2020 Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) International Design Challenge.

“The name Ripple comes not just from the shape of the dome and the rings, it’s also an ideology that the things that we do should have an impact,” said (William) Jacob Mast, ‘20 graduate of Environmental Science and Technology (ENST). “And ideas like this about self-sustainability, applied ecology, and environmental restoration–we want those ideas to cascade throughout society and become a movement. So by doing this, we hope that it creates models for others to go off of and further the discussion towards a sustainable future.”

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